I am very proud of the oils I source. They all come from ecologically sound and fairly traded suppliers who harvest the oils at their best. Wherever possible I buy organically produced oils and I have specified this on the individual descriptions. I am a Holistic Aromatherapist so I have indicated some traditional usage for each oil and there is an increasing body of scientific research now validating many traditional uses.

Essential oils can be produced from various plant sources, as well as from different plant parts, including resins, leaves, flowers, fruits (the peel), bark and wood. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) defines essential oils as products made by distillation with either water or steam, or by mechanical processing of citrus rinds [expression], or by dry distillation of natural materials. Extraction methods mainly depend on the raw material that is being extracted.

My essential oils include flower oils (e.g. rose, geranium absolute), resin oils (e.g. frankincense), fruit oils (e.g. citrus oils), leaf oils (e.g. patchouli or cajeput oil), roots (e.g. vetiver or valerian oil) herb oils (e.g. peppermint oil) and bark/wood oils (e.g. sandalwood and cedarwood oils).

If you would prefer a tailored blend of oils, unique for your specific condition, please contact me and I will be in touch to explore your requirements.

Essential Oils

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