Chamomile Maroc 10ml


Soothing, calming and relaxing. Traditionally used as a muscle relaxant & skin conditioner. Ormenis multicaulis oil is the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation from the herb Moroccan Chamomile, Ormenis multicaulis, Compositae.

Traditionally used as a muscle relaxant and skin conditioner. Different chemically from Roman and German Chamomile and has a subtly different aroma. Soothing, calming, emotionally and physically relaxing.



Ormenis multicaulis

Chamomile Maroc oil is good to use at night and when feeling low in spirits. You might also find it useful as an antiseptic and in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema. Traditionally it’s been used as a muscle relaxant and skin conditioner. 

Steam distilled from the aerial parts of the herb. It has a fresh herbaceous top note with a sweet rich and balsamic undertone.
Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep away from children and out of eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin. For further advice on using essential oils to treat medical conditions, we recommend you seek advice from a professional.

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