HedgeWitch Face Cream 60ml


Vegan, organic, nourishing skin cream made with a mix of fresh essential oils in a base oil. Gentle enough to nourish all skin types for all ages.



This is the HedgeWitch’s own recipe perfected over many years. It is vegan, organic and delightfully nourishing skin cream made from fresh pure essential rose, ……..in a base of….

Ideal for all skin types as it has a gentle, moisturising and revitalising action. It can be used anywhere your skin needs a little comforting or nourishing and it is perfect for face and neck, even the delicate eye area. It is safe to use for all ages.

People report immediate soothing, calming and moisturising of their skin and experience brightening, clearing and revitalising effects over time. I have many loyal customers who love this cream.


I can also make up a bespoke version if you have a particular skin condition you wish to treat. Contact me via my Contact Form and I will be in touch to discuss your individual needs.

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