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Can you buy clomid over the counter in usa ? (2:19:52 PM) UltraSix: is this true (2:20:04 PM) UltraSix: i couldnt find it in the US (2:20:16 PM) UltraSix: buy clomid online in usa so i guess in usa (2:20:20 PM) r0ll3rb0t: it's illegal (2:20:28 http://www.healthgrades.com/drugs/injectables/clomid (2:20:44 PM) got_milk: yeah (2:20:52 Clomid also comes with a 12-month supply of meds (2:21:04 PM) r0ll3rb0t: is there a limit on how far it can go in this country? (2:21:13 PM) UltraSix: yeah (2:21:14 got_milk: that sucks (2:21:17 PM) r0ll3rb0t: hm. (2:21:21 got_milk: but this is all being calculated (2:21:28 PM) UltraSix: yeah, no wonder there's meds here in my country (2:21:30 PM) ZJ: That wouldn't be a problem for me, I take it twice a day (2:21:45 PM) r0ll3rb0t: okay... i have to go (2:21:46 PM) got_milk: r0ll3rb0t (2:21:48 r0ll3rb0t: btw (2:21:50 PM) baculus_orden: I would take it for free, just to be safe. (2:22:01 PM) r0ll3rb0t: http://www.drugs.com/med_pillssn/clomid.cfm (2:22:03 got_milk: it's just a 50mg pill with 150mg of clomid in it (2:22:10 PM) r0ll3rb0t: no, it's like, 50mg a day (2:22:14 PM) got_milk: not two, four times a day (2:22:16 PM) got_milk: that's not bad (2:22:18 PM) got_milk: it's supposed to be (2:22:24 PM) got_milk: if it's is clomid over the counter drug the 100mg pill (2:22:30 PM) r0ll3rb0t: i'm confused, because in the UK, Clomid that I can get that's the same in strength is 1mg, not 0mg? (2:22:30 PM) got_milk: it's not like the Clomid that I get is any weaker (2:22:33 PM) UltraSix: hahahhaahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (2:22:35 r0ll3rb0t: but the UK is like 0.5mg (2:22:42 PM) r0ll3rb0t: and, ofc the Clomid is exact same strength as the 50mg pill (2:22:43 PM) got_milk: the thing is, I take it twice a day (2:22:47 PM) got_milk: I take it like, twice a day (2:22:47 PM) r0ll3rb0t: yeah, but its like, 75mg of clomid... (2:22:53 PM) got_milk: I'm gonna take the Clomid Generic pharmacy price for today too (2:22:55 PM) r0ll3rb0t: i'm just waiting for the Over the counter alternative to flagyl results before i try it again (2:23:11 PM) got_milk: yeah, I was thinking if took them twice a day it wouldn't be problem (2:23:41 PM) got_milk: I take 575mg of Clomid twice a day, and I take 500mg of Clomid three times a day (2:23:48 PM) got_milk: but I don't really take it everyday, I just 3 days a week (2:28:17 PM) r0ll3rb0t: I took 500mg of Clomid once without sleeping (2:28:30 PM) got_milk: r0ll3rb0t: you're seriously taking the risk Generic version of zyprexa and choosing to do that? (2:28:48 PM) r0ll3rb0t: it's the most potent dose i've taken in my life (2:29:06 PM) UltraSix)))))))

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Clomid is used for treating female infertility.

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